Uptown in the Queen City

From South Tryon green space

I’ve lived in a Charlotte suburb since I was four years old. Despite this, I didn’t really get to know the city until I was much older. Sometimes being so close to a place causes it to lose its novelty, even when there’s still so much you’ve yet to experience there. However, I’ve found plenty of things to love about Charlotte recently. In this post, I want to focus on my favorite street located right in the heart of Uptown: South Tryon.  Whether you’re rediscovering the city you’ve written off or exploring it for the first time, you’ll want to check out this street.

Charlotte skyline from park behind Latta Arcade

If you’re an art lover, like I am, then South Tryon Street is where you want to be. Spend part of your day wandering through the expansive Mint Museum Uptown. Their website boasts, “the oldest art museum in North Carolina, and the art museum with one of the largest collections in the Southeast, The Mint Museum offers its visitors inspiring and transformative experiences through art from around the world via innovative collections, ground-breaking exhibitions, riveting educational programs, and profound scholarship.” Just next door is the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. While it’s by no means the NYC MoMA, it is absolutely worth a visit, especially if you’re a lover of contemporary art like me.

Bechtler MoMA: South Tryon St
Inside Mint Museum Uptown

Across the street, there’s a parking garage and a lovely little green space perfect for spending an afternoon. Grab a late lunch at the upscale, farm fresh restaurant Ratcliffe on the Green. Walking north on South Tryon, past the green and museums, you’ll come across the small french bakery Amelie’s. Try some of their loose leaf tea and a pastry. Not far from there is the indoor atrium Latta Arcade, which is full of cool little shops and has a pretty outdoor section lined with multinational restaurants and outdoor seating.

tumblr_ngkzfpANEz1qcdn3uo1_1280 South Tryon green space
Bonus tip: have lunch with a view at the Terrace on South Tryon Square! Pictured here is the business park from ground level.

South Tryon Street is one of my favorite streets in Uptown Charlotte. With tons to do, see, and eat, you can wander the streets for hours and keep discovering new things. If you’re visiting Charlotte for the first time, or rediscovering it again, don’t miss exploring South Tryon Street.

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